“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”


– Jim Elliot

What is Project Providence

Project Providence is a temporary Covid19 crisis response initiative. We were set up on 7 April 2020 to support the needs of guest workers displaced from or at risk of being displaced from private residential properties such as HDB flats, hostels, hotels and shophouses. 


In the course of our outreach during the two month circuit breaker period, Project Providence discovered that there were limited to no shelter and food options for stranded guests from developing nations. As a result, we extended our arms to assist stranded social visit pass holders and students waiting for flights home.


Project Providence collaborates with Singapore Government agencies, high commissions and embassies, Homeless Hearts of Singapore, HealthServe, SG Accident Help Center, Herewithyou helpline, Mercy Center, various churches and associations. We work with our partners to provide safe sleeping spaces and nourishing meals for displaced guests in need during this Covid19 period. 


Non Singapore citizens in need of emergency shelter are able to reach us through our partner NGOs, MOM hotline and our privately run helpline.


Project Providence matches Singaporean resident befrienders with guests who need emotional support and friendship. Project Providence will also work with the embassies and high commissions of these guests to repatriate them if they so wish.  Our volunteer corps pursues “human flourishing” in our city. ​


Due to the affected economy, many of our guest workers, stranded social visit pass holders and students find themselves faced with a very uncertain future, including where to rest their heads. 


We hope to connect resources and people in the following ways:


We work with hotels and apartment spaces to secure affordable emergency shelter. This work is funded by your

generous donations.


We provide subsistence allowances (capped at 2 months) to workers assessed to have lost their incomes due to Covid19. For guests living in our partner properties, their nutritional needs will be matched to food allies who are able to support their dietary requirements.


Counselling-trained befrienders will journey alongside the affected workers, offering a listening ear.

Our Purpose

Project Providence honours God and loves our neighbours, particularly the most vulnerable guests, by connecting them to people with a capacity to give and serve.

Our Core Volunteer Team

Esther Tan

Bridging (Govt), Operations &

First Responder Teams

Esther currently serves in the Singapore Public Service where she's worked on whole-of-government people and organisational change initiatives for the last 8 years. A certified HR practitioner, Esther enjoys solving complex systemic inconsistencies and connecting those with Vision to those with dreams.

Lydia Tan

Bridging (Partnerships),
First Responder & Comms Teams

Lydia is a creative and a businesswoman who aims to reflect the nature of the Creator in His Goodness, Truth and Beauty through her work. She owns a creative media studio, 2 jewelry brands and hopes to impact social change through the landscape of enterprise. 

She lives by 3 Cs - 

Christ, Coffee and Corgis.

Christalbel Esther Gan

Befrienders, Helpliners &

Data Management Teams

Christalbel is a youth pastoral worker who loves God and loves people. She firmly believes that we are all made to live a life of freedom in the One who has created us and seeks to journey with others to discover that freedom. She absolutely loves it when she can get creative with tools such as arts, music and new media.

Sarah Pek

Data Management &

Operations Teams

Sarah is currently a successful, stay home mom, and attributes this success to her ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. The team calls her "Super Sarah" for her ability to manage multiple streams of information and help with data management. She is thankful for life, and lives for today with a hope for tomorrow.

Jocelyn Chen

Case Management Team

Jocelyn, with her training in architecture is also a part-time fighter for justice for the vulnerable in society. Her hope is that one day, she may use these skills to transform the city scape not just for profit, but to benefit the poor and needy. On an average day she can be found dancing to a Zumba workout or (in better times), hiking the trails of undiscovered paths.

Siew Ling

Student Programme Team

Siew Ling is currently a social work and counselling graduate student and a caregiver. Prior to this, she used to live in North Asia for over 10 years. She is thankful to have been in vastly different lines of work, from work with children and youth living in shelters and families in difficult situations to work in investment banking, private equity and audit. Her heart is for orphans and vulnerable children/youth.

Clarice Goh

First Responder &

Operations Team

Clarice is an entrepreneur, currently running both an online and physical shoe business. She believes in bringing out the beauty in women, accentuating their confidence at every occasion with her footwear range. She believes in being the hands and feet of the lord to shine His light in the business industry. Clarice is a coffee addict and also enjoys exercising on a daily basis.

Ang Yan Ee

Operations Team

Yan Ee received a word from the Lord through Matthew 6:33 to join Project Providence as all other doors closed to job opportunities during the Covid-19 outbreak. Firming up her belief to join the team was when the Lord spoke to her from the phrase “if you love me, feed my sheep”. She couldn’t ignore His call and stepped out in faith to do His will. Yan Ee loves to journey with people, encouraging them to grow into who they are truly meant to be, fully accepted and loved. She also loves dancing and baking in her free time.

Gaius Lee

Data Management &
First Responder Teams

Gaius is a recent music history and composition graduate who believes that all arts and cultures reflect the Image of God. His meticulousness and keen attention to detail has benefited him not just in writing music but also in a seemingly unrelated field - data management, which he finds to be rather therapeutic.  He tries live to up to his namesake in 3 John, who was described by John as someone who loved people and the Truth.

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