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Q: Who is Project Providence helping?

A:  Project Providence helps foreign guest workers who have no income because they have been furloughed during the COVID-19 outbreak. We primarily assist guest workers who are not residing in one of the 43 purpose-built dormitories or 1200 factory-converted dormitories, whom the government has robust aid schemes for. We also assist stranded social visit pass holders waiting for flights back to their home countries.


Q: What is a Guest Worker?
A: To describe migrant workers here holding onto special passes, work permits, S passes or Employment passes in Singapore.We extend hospitality to them while they are here as guests.


Q: Why do these guest workers require financial assistance?

A: These guest workers require financial assistance to pay for food and shelter through the time they have been temporarily laid off. They require temporary emergency support during the Covid-19 crisis.


Q: What is the estimated population of Project Providence’s target group?

A: The population ranges from 120,000 to 300,000 persons.


Q: What jobs did the guest workers hold prior to the outbreak?

A: They worked in eateries, restaurants and hotels, beauty salons and parlours, sales counters, front desks, etc.

Q: Why are we helping foreign students and social visit pass holders, aren’t their schools and embassies/high commissions supposed to help them?

A: Yes, we are working with schools, embassies and high commissions to help them return home. As flights may be infrequent and expensive, foreign students and social visit pass holders may require assistance in the interim, while they wait.


Housing Questions:


Q: How does PP intend to help in terms of shelter?

A: PP’s protocol dictates that affected guest workers should stay in their current shelter, with PP stepping in to defray the cost of rent. In situations where this is not tenable, we help to rehome them in partner hotels and hostels. This holds true for social visit pass holders and foreign students unless they are displaced.


Q: I am a church. I would like to offer shelter to migrant workers in this time of Covid19 Circuit Breaker. How do I do so?

A: You may write to us directly at to work with us and MSF on guidelines for safe sleeping spaces.


Q: I would like to offer my house to house migrant workers at this time. How do I do so?

A: You are not allowed to host a migrant worker in your home during the Covid19 Circuit Breaker. Howver, if you have an empty flat/apartment/house that you would like to loan to Project Providence and our partner organisations, please write to us at project.providence,


Volunteer Questions:


Q: How do I apply to become a volunteer?

A: Access and complete; alternatively, visit and complete


Q: What is a Befriender?

A: Befrienders are our caseworkers who walk alongside guestworkers to offer emotional support during their time of distress. All our befrienders have to go through our customised training programme in order to walk alongside.


Q: Do I have to meet them face to face?

A: During Covid19 circuit breaker, only the core team have exemptions to meet our emergency cases face to face to feed and relocate them to a place of safety. During the CB period, please engage them over the phone via phone calls, video calls, WeChat, WhatsApp and Telegram.


Q: How many hours do I have to invest in them?

A: Becoming a befriender is a life decision to form a bond of friendship with a guest in our land. We hope that you are committed to their safety, health and growth while they are residing in Singapore. We pray that your friendships will be guided by God and make an impact in their lives. 

On the average, a befriender would require 2 to 3 hours per week to journey with 3 to 5 guest workers.The intensity of contact also depends on the issues that guest workers are presented with, and thoroughness of followup by befrienders.

Q: Can I choose my cases?

A: Cases will be assigned by our core Befriender team and senior counsellors for fit, gender appropriateness and language spoken. 

Donor Questions:


Q: Is my donation eligible for tax relief?

A: As PP is a grounds-up initiative and Ray of Hope is a registered charity, but not of IPC status, your donations are not eligible for tax relief.

Q: Is my donation refundable?

A: Please note that all donations made are non-refundable.


Q: How can I give to Project Providence?

A: You can give via:

1. Credit Card to the Ray of Hope;

2. Direct transfer; or

3. Cheques by dropping them off at DBS Bank.


Cheques should be made out to *The Ray of Hope Initiative Limited, On the back please indicate “Project Providence”*, with your contact number and email. 


Do remember to take a photo of the front and back of the cheque first so that Ray of Hope can verify the payee name is correct. 


Please write this in full as a lot of our cheque donors miss out on some parts of our name or write Limited as Ltd.


Q: What happens when the target amount of donations is reached?

A:  We will close the donations campaign or if more workers require assistance, will seek approval to raise additional funds to support them.


Q: How do I contact Project Providence personnel?

A: If you are a guest worker or know of one who needs help, please email

Q: Is it safe to donate on Ray of Hope?

A:  Yes, Ray of Hope is a registered charity under NCSS and 100% of the proceeds go to the beneficiaries with complete accountability.


Partnership Questions:

Q: I am a restaurant owner and would like to partner Project Providence.  How do I do so?

A:  Please e-mail and Attention to the Partnerships Team or fill out the contact form in the Contact Us tab.


Q: I am a hotel/hostel/serviced apartment/empty residence and would like to partner Project Providence. How do I do so?

A: Please e-mail and Attention to the Partnerships Team or fill out the contact form in the Contact Us tab.

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